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Alternatives to Office 365, Zoom and Google G Suite

There are many reasons for businesses to evaluate alternatives to Office 365, Zoom, Sharepoint and Google G Suite, one of which could be the "Schrems II"*) verdict.

If you want to investigate what tools the Open Source world offers as substitutes for Office, Zoom, Sharepoint, and Google we have compiled a list that you can use as a start.

7 alternatives

  • Alfresco - enterprise and business process management. Can replace Sharepoint.
  • OwnCloud - secure and encrypted file share. Can replace OneDrive, Dropbox, and others, desktop applications, calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Teams
  • OnlyOffice - desktop applications, mail, calendar. Can replace Office 365 
  • Jitsi - video conference. Can replace Zoom 
  • Collabora - desktop applications. Can replace Office 2019 and earlier versions 
  • Mattermost - chat. Can replace Slack
  • Matomo - web analytics. Can replace Google Analytics

All above tools can be delivered from Scandinavian data centers as cloud services, or be installed on premise. 

Written by Susannah Eriksson