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Launching API & Integration Academy

We are now launching our ”API & Integration Academy” with the purpose to educate and promote future developers of digital solutions for information exchange.

The Digital Transformation brings new challenges and requirements for solutions to make available and exchange information both within and outside of todays organisational borders. It also creates new requirements upon developers that work with implementing these new solutions.

This is why we have decided to launch an ”API & Integration Academy”. The purpose is to educate and promote the future developers of digital solutions for information exchange.

We have established ourselves as leaders within the API and integration arena in Scandinavia over the past years, and we have done this through the introduction of concepts to make organisations ”API Ready” and through deliveries on leading open platforms from MuleSoft, WSO2 and Red Hat.

There is continued high demand for these services and this is why we have decided to introduce an academy to train IT architects and developers of the connectivity solutions of the future.

The academy target group

The academy is primarily targeted at persons who has just graduated from their studies within IT or has a degree from a University or higher education institute, but the academy is also open for you if you have been working in the industry for a while. Through the ”API & Integration Academy”, we will not only increase our capacity to support customers with connectivity solutions of the future, but also offer students a fast route from studies to an interesting and inspiring career within IT.

More information and application

Find more information in local language and application through our career site, follow links below:

Written by Susannah Eriksson