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Public administration looks to Open Source and Redpill Linpro is one of their choices


The trend is clear and the choice has been made. The Swedish public administrations are increasingly turning to Open Source and open standards and Redpill Linpro is one of their choices.

Procurement season is upon us and it is good news for open source supporters. Last week the National Procurement Services announced the winning ICT providers and who will be the ICT suppliers for two of the four frameworks, for desktops and for the IT department. Here at Redpill Linpro we are happy to announce that we are a candidate for both.

”Open Source is what we live and breathe and we obviously believe that open source is the way of the future. And it makes us very happy to see that the Swedish public administrations believe in our vision that open source is efficient and beneficial for the Swedish public”, says Anders Lilling, CEO of Redpill Linpro. 

The plan is that the four new framework agreements progressively will replace the current five frameworks. When using these framework agreements, only open standards and open source can be mandated. This will make it much easier for public administrations to use this type of software.

The new agreements can be used by Sweden’s public administrations starting this April and will last until April 2019.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson