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WSO2 named leader by Forrester

WSO2 API Manager is now a leader in Forrester Research's market update: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018.

From strength to strength

WSO2 goes from strength to strength and further reinforces its position in the API Management market. In fact, WSO2 is the only Open Source vendor qualifying for this sought after position.

"In the Nordics our customers in all industries, both private and public, strives to build digital ecosystems. Many organisations realize that information is a main asset and introduce an API-centric way of working. The API management platform is a fundamental backbone for this new way of working", says Henrik Gavelli CEO Redpill Linpro

Appreciated by many

"As a partner of WSO2 we see that the platform is appreciated by many of our Nordic customers, serving as a foundation for their API centric approach. WSO2 as an Open Source company has the advantage of having a very large community with developers, striving to always be in the forefront with new ideas" Henrik continues.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson