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The number of systems IT professionals need to manage is increasing at a tremendous rate. It is not uncommon for moderately sized companies to have 100’s of servers that they must manage. Added to this challenge is virtualization and cloud computing which increases the quantity of systems that need to be managed and creates ‘sprawl’ which can cause instability. 

Using Puppet, IT Professionals programmatically determine the state of systems, automating many routine tasks, and enabling IT administrators to rapidly build and provision new systems. Puppet ensures that systems stay in the intended configuration by checking their integrity at certain intervals and remediating systems to the desired state if they have been altered. Puppet allows you to control the administration of many systems from a single point, and provides a standard framework for systems administration, enabling a consistent approach to administration for individuals and groups. In short: Puppet will help you to automate your data center. 

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet is released in two versions, the Open Source edition that includes everything you need to get started, and Enterprise Edition, which includes extra functionality. Puppet Enterprise is certified by Puppet, fully supported and includes the Puppet Enterprise Console GUI.

Puppet Features

Take Puppet Enterprise out for a spin by downloading the trial with 10 free nodes.


We are Puppet first partner in the Nordics. Our partnership with Puppet enables us to provide a world class support, consultancy services and training for both the Open Source Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

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