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Puppet - Training

Puppet provides a training program for every need. Their education and certification team cultivates user enthusiasm for Puppet products and services by providing educational experiences that help students envision and achieve system automation success.

The Puppet Training curriculum has recently changed/expanded, and now encompasses these trainings:

  • Puppet Fundamentals remains unchanged in content and duration. In Puppet Fundamentals students will learn the right way to manage an infrastructure. Students will start by installing Puppet Enterprise, then learn Puppet best practices and use Puppet to write simple classes, and update and extend existing modules. Puppet Fundamentals is taught through a combination of lecture and relevant, real world, hands-on exercises. 

The Puppet Advanced course is no longer offered, but has been rewritten into two courses:

  • In Puppet Architect students will learn how to design their own infrastructure and define their own right way to implement Puppet. Students will use advanced Puppet DSL techniques affecting how modules are architected. Students will learn classification and data lookup techniques, and will be able to determine the most efficient and extensible architecture to scale Puppet to their own needs. 
  • In Puppet Practitioner students will learn why they should manage their Puppet infrastructure the right way. Students will learn multiple ways to accomplish tasks in Puppet and how to choose which is most appropriate for a given situation. Students will design and build modules, and extend modules from the Forge. Students will also learn best practices for implementing Roles & Profiles in their infrastructure.

The Extend Puppet with Ruby training is no longer offered by the publisher to its partners and it has not been replaced. 


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