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WSO2 Open Source

WSO2 Open Source

WSO2 – Next generation technologies to future-proof your business

The WSO2 middleware platform is the leading fully Open Source based solution for full coverage API, Integration and IAM use cases. The platform has been ranked as leader by independent analysts and is trusted by thousands of the world’s largest corporations, leading universities and government agencies. 

Full coverage capabilities

The WSO2 platform is based on Open Source software and includes a full coverage offering to cater for all organisations varying requirements related to APIs, Integration, IAM and cloud native applications. The offering includes the following products:

  • API Manager – One complete platform for building, integrating, and exposing your digital services as managed APIs in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures to drive your digital transformation strategy.
  • Enterprise Integrator - an open-source hybrid integration platform providing graphical and CLI tooling, integration runtimes, and monitoring with a variety of deployment options. The integration runtime engine is capable of playing multiple roles in your enterprise architecture. It can act as an ESB, a streaming data processor, and a microservices integrator. Deployment options include on-premises, cloud, hybrid, or a container orchestration platform of choice. 
  • Identity Server - WSO2 Identity Server is an API-driven, open-source, cloud-native IAM product. Our developer-first approach helps enterprises to significantly lower costs, modernize and consolidate their IAM and CIAM capabilities, save developer time, and accelerate time to market.
  • Choreo – iPaaS solution for cloud native development. Low-Code Cloud Native Engineering for API Developers Engineer in low-code and pro-code simultaneously. All in hours, not weeks.
  • Asgardeo – iDaaS service for developers to implement secure and frictionless access.

Platinum VAR partner

We are a Platinum VAR partner of WSO2 and has extensive knowledge and experience from implementation of the above mentioned products for many different uses cases and customers.

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