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WSO2 Open Source

Are you looking for a Middleware platform that you can configure, manage and monitor in a homogenous manner?

All products on a common foundation

The key advantage with using WSO2 Middleware is that all products are built on a common foundation – WSO2 Carbon, a modular, reconfigurable, elastic, OSGi-based architecture. This creates a strong stable base for building and managing large-scale enterprise applications in a homogenous way, as well as integrating with legacy and existing applications.


Are you looking for a Middleware platform that adapts to your needs instead of the other way around?

To completely protect from lock-in, WSO2 Middleware is 100% Open Source and based on Open Standards. Enterprises, ISVs and SaaS providers have the freedom and flexibility to respond to changing business requirements by migrating apps and data across on-premise and cloud infrastructures and from one cloud provider to another. 

“The goal is to have a Middleware suite that adapts to your business instead of adapting your business to a Middleware suite” -- Paul Freemantle 

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