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API Management as a Service

With our API Management as a Service delivery you will gain access to API Management capabilities that are available when and how you need them.
API Management as a Service

This means that you will be able to unleash the power of your data for both internal and external usage without having to invest in any products or competencies. With our API Management as a Service offering you will be able to control your data with a predictable cost structure without any baseline or initial costs and at the same time be able to scale with zero effort.

The service will be an one-stop-shop for your APIs and make it possible for you to offer a developer portal, manage users, grant/decline access, monetize and track changes. You decide on the use case and what data to make available – we do the rest. 

How does it work?

Our API Management as a Service offering is based on leading Open Source based software and deployed in our Nordic cloud datacenters. With API Management as a service ou will have access to full self-service concerning developer portal content, API onboarding/off-boarding, versioning and metrics.

You will also have full control over who uses your APIs, including when and how much. No scaling issues, you just need to have a plan communicated with us. User friendly identity management and best-of-breed security through oauth2 support.

We will provide you with debug and support services from our Nordic based offices when required. You will gain access to the Redpill Linpro thought leadership and experience from running numerous API management projects in the Nordic countries over the years. 

Your choice of engagement

Your choice of engagement


API Management as a Service features


API Management as a Service protocols


API Management as a Service formats

Terms and conditions

Contract needs to be signed for an initial period of 12 months. If you are prepared to commit for 24 months we will give a 20% discount and if you commit for 36 months we will provide you with a 30% discount. 

Monthly invoicing in arrears.

Change requests and additional services charge on T&M basis.

Additional versions of APIs deployed to run simultaneously are considered to be separate APIs. 

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