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Redpill Linpro launches a new company focusing on digital innovation


The open-source specialist and digital societies builder Redpill Linpro is expanding its offering with the launch of Redpill Linpro IT Management. This unit combines solid business understanding with deep technical knowledge to drive digital innovation.

Combined with the other competencies in the group, Redpill Linpro IT Management will help with advisory and aiding organisations with requirements to entire cross-functional DevOps teams, for example, product owners, developers, architects, and platform engineers. As such, Redpill Linpro IT Management will connect IT and business.

André Johansen, Redpill Linpro IT Management

Redpill Linpro IT Management will initially be based in Stockholm, but in the long term, the ambition is to offer services to customers throughout Scandinavia. The unit is led by André Johansen, who has extensive IT management experience.

The industrialisation of IT places new demands on maximising the use of data and investing in digital innovation. To deliver the best possible customer value and to be competitive, people working with digital innovation must be able to scale up services while automating business processes quickly. This places great demands on knowledge of technology and business, and it is in the light of this need that we launch Redpill Linpro IT Management,” says André Johansen.

About 15 consultants will initially be associated with the new unit, where the goal is to double the number quickly. The consultants at Redpill Linpro IT Management combine solid business understanding with deep technical knowledge and experience in working with all established and standardised agile tools for process management and governance, such as SAFe and Scrum, as well as other established frameworks.

Redpill Linpro IT Management is an important component in our efforts to continue developing the company to meet our customers’ needs for digital innovation. The business unit will contribute to our ability to help our customers build better digital societies,” says Redpill Linpro CEO Henrik Gavelli.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson