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Agile teams

Agile teams

Experiences, know-how, best practices and competencies structured in a ready made concept to provide full teams of skilled IT professionals

Solving challenges and supporting transformation

Our agile team methodology is based on Scrum, but can be modified to the customer or project specific situation. The team members are all experienced with this methodology and have previous experience from working together with deliveries using an agile team approach. Agile teams will consist of a variety of competencies, depending on the specifics of the tasks ahead, and may vary over time. We can man our agile teams with experienced Scrum Masters, IT/Information/System Architects, Senior and Junior Developers (for both back- and front end development), UX specialists, DB specialists and product specialists from various Open Source communities/products.


Solving challenges

Our agile teams have already been deployed with customers to solve various digital challenges, such as implementing integration/API architectures, develop and maintain applications for the Swedish Health Care sector, develop advanced document driven Project Management solutions and custom made applications for the Swedish Public Sector. The solutions have been deployed on leading Open Source platforms, such as Alfresco, JBoss, WSO2 and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, but can also be deployed on the platform of customer choice.


Support your digital transformation with an agile team

Our agile teams methodology includes measures to follow and support quality, innovation and cooperation within teams. It also includes support to customers for efficient cooperation with teams on best performance and delivery on the customer specific requirements. The competencies in the agile team can be provided entirely by us, but we also have experience from and a methodology for including sub contractors and/or resources from the customer organisation in teams. Agile team members are also skilled in our concepts, such as the API and DevOps Ready models to deliver solutions to support your digital transformation initiatives. The agile teams can work on site at customer premises or remote from our offices in Scandinavia.

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