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API Strategy

The most important thing before launching your API/Connectivity initiative is to make sure that you have defined a strategy that you can create buy-in for. This strategy needs to be aligned with the business vision and play well with other ongoing initiatives in your organisation.

With a thought through and well defined API strategy, you will increase the success rate of your initiative significantly and make sure that the connectivity initiative contributes your business mission. 

This is why the strategy is an important part of the Redpill Linpro Digital Ready and API Ready Models. We have experience from working together with customers to both define and implement API and connectivity strategies to support digital transformation and innovation.

Redpill Linpro consultants can assist you with everything from defining the strategy all the way through actual implementation of strategy, methodology, potential organisational change and a technical platform to support the initiative. If you do not now where to start, our API Maturity analysis has put many of our customers on the right track.

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