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The introduction of digital services, many developed with existing data, will be one of many important factors in the transformation of healthcare.

World Economic Forum (WEF) says: "To deliver continued improvements to the world's health, healthcare will need to be transformed, with digital playing a vital role". And even though World Economic Forum is Swiss based, much of their findings applies to the Nordic market. 

In addition to the digital transformation itself, healthcare need to adress the challenge of the "Internet of Things" IoT. For instance, Business Insider estimates that 646 million devices will be used worldwide for healthcare by 2020. This gives a hint of the future for Europe and Scandinavia as well, since some of the 646 millinon connected devices will be in our backyard collecting data, automating processes and more. Giving us the possibility to develop new and smart solutions with existing and new data.

According to "Digital pulse 2015" by Russell Reynolds Associates, 47% of healthcare executives anticipate "moderate or massive digital disruption in the next 12 months". So, the need to adress the change is imminent.

A few future health scenarios, listed by WEF:

  • Continous monitoring
  • Retail clinics
  • Connected homes
  • Auto patient access
  • Virtual care circles
  • Intelligent treatment
  • Seamless financing
  • Intelligent machines

They have also identified four digital themes:

  1. Smart care
  2. Care anywhere
  3. Empowered care
  4. Intelligent healthcare enterprises

The themes will influence the digital transformation of healthcare now and for some time ahead.

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The connected reality

The connected reality (Nordic survey in Swedish)

This survey covers the digitalisation in the Nordics. It shows the need for making businesses more efficient, and singles out that aspect as the most important driver for digitalisation, followed by the need to automate processes. More interesting findings in the report. 


Healthcare and digital transformation