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Media and Publishing

The media and publishing industry have already been severely affected by the digital transformation. Going from print to digital, from basic to advanced, from analog to super technical solutions. Not to mention the impact of social media, streaming, smart phones and the list goes on.

World Economic Forum (WEF) says: "The media industry has already been transformed by several waves of digitalization. To thrive, media enterprises will have to keep technology at the heart of what they do, helping them create compelling content and reach new audiences".  

Some of the changes the sector has been through (or still is affected by):  

  • Gone from print to digital
  • Gone from digital news to news broadcasting
  • Gone from national audience to international audience

WEF also says: "Digital has become so important that the boundary between the media and technology industries has broken down.

According to "Digital pulse 2015" by Russell Reynolds Associates, 72% of media/publishing executives anticipate "moderate or massive digital disruption in the next 12 months"! So even if this industry is quite used to change, the road ahead is challenging and will call for (among other) catalytic roles, a culture that embraces the transformation, and true commictment.

Quite clearly this is also an industry where speed is of the essence, possibly giving new and coming start-ups a window of opportunity with new and profitable solutions and partnerships, if the large broadcasters are too slow to adapt. And, in addition many start-ups have an advantage in (often) being digitally native as apposed to traditional media/publishing that (often) need to acquire that expertise and adapt to the new scene.

WEF have identified three digital themes:

  1. Personalization and contextualization
  2. Content fragmentation
  3. Partnerships and industrialization

The themes will influence the digital transformation of media/publishing now and for some time ahead.

More information: 

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