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Nordic Premier Partner and Middleware Partner of Red Hat


Announcing that we now are Middleware Partner and Nordic Premier Partner of Red Hat

As a leading provider of Open Source services and products in Scandinavia, we today announced that we have signed an extended partnership with Red Hat Inc. The partnership covers the entire Scandinavian region and makes us a Premier Partner of Red Hat both in the Infrastructure and Middleware areas. We have extensive experience from both the Linux and JBoss MW platforms, helping customers get the most out of these platforms over the last 15 years. With the newly signed Nordic Red Hat partnership agreement, we will be able to assist users to deploy, develop and configure these platforms wherever they are needed to support customers Digital Transformation processes. Always with Enterprise class support.

Today we provide customers on the Scandinavian market with modern, flexible and innovative solutions to assist with their digital transformation processes. Open Source based solutions like RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and the JBoss Enterprise platform are important components of such solutions. With the support of the Open Shift platform and supporting tooling, deployment options have increased to support various strategies in the digital era. Our concepts for Integration/APIs, DevOps, Automation and Digital Workplace Transformation combined with the Enterprise supported platforms delivered by Red Hat Inc makes a very competitive combination for all organisations looking to modernise their IT landscape to be ready for the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation era.

Experience, knowledge and local competence important

We have been working with the JBoss Middleware platform for over a decade and have extensive experience and knowledge of the platform and the included software products (JBoss AS, JBoss Fuse, BPMS etc). The company have assisted many organisations all over Scandinavia to implement and get the most out of their Open Source based Middleware platforms. Further more we have also successfully helped organisations migrate away from costly and rigid proprietary platforms onto flexible Open Source alternatives, often based on the JBoss Middleware platform. Local support and expert advice have always been a key part of the delivery and will still be under the renewed partnership with Red Hat.

- We have profound experience from working with the JBoss Middleware platform. In fact we were very early into the JBoss project and contributed to the first releases of the project. Our offering around the platform has always been focused on supplying our users with local expert advice to give them that premium treatment and services that you require for a mission critical middleware platform. For the future deliverance of services to support our customers with the digital transformation and long term digital strategies, we believe that an extended partnership with Red Hat and offering our services for the JBoss Middleware Enterprise platform is the way to move further strategically. The combination of the our local expertise, experience and innovation and the Red Hat tools like OpenShift, JBoss Middleware platform and RHEL we can build innovative solutions around Integration/APIs, DevOps and Automation that our customers are challenged with in the digital era, says Anders Liling, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

- Local and innovative partners with the ability to utilise the opportunities presented by our software platforms determines the level of customer success. Redpill Linpro have been a trusted partner of Red Hat for a long time and we are pleased to also renew their Middleware partnership and expand their partnership as a Premier partner for Sweden, Norway and Denmark. With the Red Hat platforms and the Redpill Linpro full coverage knowledge on Integration/APIs, DevOps and Automation we have a very strong offering for customers that wants to innovate and digitalise their businesses and at the same time drive cost down, says Jimmy Sköldberg, Regional Director Nordics at Red Hat.

For more information, contact:

Anders Liling, CEO Redpill LInpro, tel: +46 70 603 36 30,

Red Hat
Written by Susannah Eriksson