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Red Hat

Red Hat is a world leader in Open Source technology and is a major contributor to the Linux kernel and other open source solutions.

Catalyst for creating better Open Source technology

The Red Hat mission is to be a catalyst for creating better Open Source technology within communities of customers, contributors, and partners. Red Hat ensures that their Enterprise Server is supported by thousands of applications and all major hardware platforms.

We have been a Red Hat partner since 2006, and our aim is to be the go-to company in the Nordics for customers needing expertise in Red Hat products and technology. We actively encourage our employees to be certified in Red Hat technology so that we can better serve our customers.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Since Red Hat Enterprise Linux is among the most dependable, secure and scalable Linux operating systems out there, any organization can adopt Linux with confidence, whether you need a small web server or a major Oracle farm, or anything in between.

Each release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is supported and maintained for up to 10 years with full backward compatibility securing your datacenter for the overseeable future.


Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Accelerate, Integrate and Automate with JBoss Middleware solutions. With the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Fuse and JBoss BRMS solutions, Red Hat has a complete set of middleware products to help boost your development of modern applications, integrate applications or create APIs and automate processes.

With Enterprise subscriptions for the above platforms you are able to safely implement and run these platforms in the deployment of your choice fully supported by a global community and corporation.


Red Hat Cloud Computing Solutions

Lots of people - including your internal customers - use public clouds in their daily lives. And they often expect the same agility and efficiency from corporate IT systems. But with 80% of your IT budget spent on maintenance, it’s a struggle to balance running the business and driving IT innovation and transformation.

Products include Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat Cloudforms, Red Hat Open Stack platform, Red Hat Virtualisation, Red Hat Open Shift, Red Hat Certificate system and Red Hat Directory Server.


Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

Mobility is becoming a top priority for enterprises as it offers the promise to drive innovation and streamline operational efficiency. This creates a challenge for IT as mobility demands collaboration on faster, continuous development cycles, openness to new toolchains and architectures, and integration with existing core systems.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform enables you to develop and deploy mobile apps in an agile and flexible manner. Take advantage of open technologies and standard toolkits while centralizing control over security, back-end integrations, and policy management.



Deciding which subscription to purchase can be difficult. You are faced with different support options and deployment patterns, all of which influence and affect your choice. (And how are these virtual machines licensed again?)

On the whole, all Red Hat subscriptions will give you access to a knowledge base, updates and new versions of the software. Some subscriptions will also give you access to technical support, either during business hours or 24/7. Technical support can prove useful not only when systems are down, but also when planning a new system so that best practice routines are followed or to figure out that little problem that no one really knows how to get rid of.

All subscribers get access to the Red Hat Network where you can:

  • Manage your subscriptions 
  • Access the extensive Red Hat knowledge base 
  • Find case studies and reference architectures to help you get the most from your Red Hat solutions 

We can help you find the right subscription model for your business, today and in the future. Get in touch with us today.



Every project runs smoother when expertise is on hand to take you through the entire project. We offer comprehensive consultancy services that can help you with any Red Hat project. Whether you need to fix a small error or need advice on how to design and implement a large system, we can help. Or maybe your system administrator just needs a holiday? We might be able to step in for a while!

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