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Utilities and Energy

With the rapidly increasing number of IoT-devices and a rising demand for energy around the world this sector has the opportunity to broaden its scope. And maybe even disrupting the industry by harnessing, analysing and capitalising data.

In a recent report World Economic Forum (WEF) says: "Digital technologies have tremendous potential to contribute to growth in the sector and help deliver exceptional shareholder, customer and environmental value". 

They continue to list four digital and value creating themes:

  • Asset life cycle management
  • Grid optimization
  • Integrated customer services
  • Beyond electron

Themes that have the potential to serve both the industry and society.

Opportunities for business development and niche players

This industry should have great opportunity for new niche players disrupting the scene, might it be a solution for hyper-presonalized connected services, end-to-end connected markets or something completely different is yet to be seen. But the preconditions are right and there are money to be made, which usually is a catalyst for invention. 

No transformation though is without challenge and for this sector some of them might be:

  • Regulatory challenges
  • Natural resources are not endless
  • Increased competition
  • Macro-economics and geopolitical
  • Technological challenges

The new winners of this industry will be those who can address these challenges and use them to their advantage.

Or as stated in "Designing the new utility business models", study by IDC Energy Insight (shared by Capgemini): "There are a variety of possible new models, but these must be vetted. Utilities will need help from outside to develop viable strategies to adopt these new models". 

 More infromation: 

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