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8 reasons why you should use a DevOps model


Customers and users are used to getting things the way they want it, when they want it. So in order to stay competitive, your company must decrease the "time-to-market" for new ideas which in most cases requires a digital transformation.

The fact is that IT turnaround on deliveries will have to go from months to days to stay in the game, and if IT can’t adopt, business and clients will look for other solutions. A way for businesses stay competitive is to adapt to a DevOps model as the benefits are clear for both the development and operations departments. 

  • Decrease time from idea to deploy!
  • Self service capabilities for Developers and Business
  • Remove silos – align objectives and establish efficient processes
  • Decrease incident management time
  • Capability to manage parallel dev and prod environments
  • Release budget and capacity for innovation rather then maintenance!
  • Portability across distribution environments
  • Minimize down time through increased transparency, configuration management and compliance      

In a non-DevOps environment, there can often be tension development andd operations as the development team is measured on delivery while the operations team is measured on the health of the system.

In a DevOps environment however, the entire team is responsible for delivering both new features and stability. The combination of a shared code base, continuous integration, test-driven techniques and automated deploys exposes problems earlier in the process and problems tend to be less complex because change sets are smaller. 






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Written by Kirsti Stien