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ECM becomes CSP!

Just back from an inspiring Alfresco Partner Conference that was hosted together with Amazon, I thought I would share some thoughts on what is happening with the ECM market in general and with Alfresco in particular.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

The Digital Workplace for Publishers – Single Source Publishing!

A while ago we published blog post on the topic of Digital Workplace Transformation. This time our intention is to bring the discussion closer to you by adding a specific industry view on the subject. First out is the publishing and media industry. These industries have been put under a lot of pressure lately with the introduction of new media, as e-books, Internet magazines and an expectation from the readers that information and news are supposed to be available without any cost.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

What is Alfresco ECM?

Traditionally Enterprise Content Management has been defined as the processes to capture, store, manage, preserve and deliver information within an organization. That is still true but a shift in user expectations and IT infrastructure is rapidly disrupting legacy platforms and applications.

Written by Redpill Linpro