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Agile IT Operations, Cloud and DevOps


Automation; an evolving process for Hurtigruten

Most traditional companies have a core of manual services or products, and to start a digitalization can be a giant leap. One of the undoubtedly most traditional companies in Norway is taking this big step right now. Hurtigruten is developing new processes, including more open-source, and they came to our podcast IT Talks to talk about it. Now they are aiming to automate everything that can be automated.
Written by Kirsti Stien

Video conferencing and privacy, choosing a solution

The last year has been a challenge for most people in Scandinavia and the rest of the world, battling against COVID19 and trying to keep their lives and jobs up and running. But it has also been a year of change, with increased use and acceptance of home working pushing the boundaries for several technologies that support team working and collaboration.
Written by Michael Nemecky

Why Machine Learning models should run in Containers

Machine Learning (ML) is being implemented to varying extents in businesses all over. However, seamlessly integrating ML workflows into existing infrastructure can be somewhat challenging. This is the first article in a series on DevOps for Machine Learning - how to automate the ML process. In this chapter we will explore the benefits of running ML models as microservices and with what tools.
Written by Mia Ryan

Why code your infrastructure?

One of the more popular buzz terms in infrastructure and cloud discussions these days is "Infrastructure as code". But what is that exactly? How can infrastructure - previously supposed to consist of cabling, metal chassises and computer hardware - suddenly be lines of code? This article will assume that you are new to this field and will try to explain it from that point of view.
Written by Yngve Sandal

Are you DevOps Ready? Part 5

DevOps is about sharing! Sharing is an important part of the success behind the Open Source development movement that has seen such an increase in the software industry for the past 10-15 years. The sole foundation of the Open Source model is to add your piece to the puzzle (in this case software) and share your additions with the rest of the community.

Written by Fredrik Svensson