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API, Microservices and integration


Integration as a Service

Most of us would agree to that connectivity through integration and APIs is a necessity for digital transformation and further innovation. Nevertheless, many organisations are still stuck with old integration infrastructures and point-to-point integrations, making it very hard for them to enable access to information and transform their businesses. Ultimately this will threaten their existence, as the competition will find ways to do this transformation or new competitors will emerge to gain new market shares. Why is this so hard and are there ways to make it easier to gain access to efficient integration and API infrastructures?
Written by Fredrik Svensson

Support organizational change with Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Digital transformation is not only about digitized information and louds of technology, it is also about organisation and new processes. Having digitized your business content and opened up to exchange data in smarter ways means that you have also established a foundation for evolving your business processes and organisational structure to face the challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution.
Written by Fredrik Svensson