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API, Microservices and integration


The connected reality is here – is your organisation there?

Over the past couple of years we have both talked and blogged about the digital transformation, with connectivity through APIs & integration being an integral part of the transformation. We (and others with us) have argued that you need to act to not be overrun by your competition and explore the possibilities of the digital future. Judging by recent studies it is time to conclude that the connected reality is already upon us. The remaining question is whether your organisation is embracing it or not?
Written by Fredrik Svensson

Personal Shopper or Tailor?

Recent analyst reports from Scandinavia and North America, continue to enforce the notion of IT departments being squeezed between resource availability and business expectations. According to feedback from IT decision makers, the discrepancy in expectations from the business and what IT really can deliver continues to grow. This growing discrepancy paired with new phenomenon introduced on the market calls for a revamped view on the future IT strategy and the partners/SIs organisations choose to implement it.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Microservices Ready model step 7 – Test

As with all software development it is crucial to implement a solid test framework to verify and adopt when implementing Microservices. And a solid test framework might be even more important when you implement a Microservices strategy. Why? Because an important objective behind the initiative often is to decrease time from development to production and to do this you have to minimize the requirement for manual testing.

Written by Fredrik Svensson