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Fail fast and survive


Digital transformation comes with a great amount of challenges and an obvious dilemma: those who do not embrace a digital transformation will soon be out of the game but those who bet on the wrong digital race, also risk an abrupt end to their businesses. So how do you handle such a dilemma? Well, we believe the trick is to fail fast.

Our many years of working with clients within the media sector has, as truly successful partnerships tend to do, led to development of ourselves and our products and services, which in the end has benefited all our clients – even those outside the media sector.

Our IT operations (Managed Services) is one of the cases where the client/partner relationship led us to leave the more traditional Help Desk solution. Why? Because we realized that problems where solved quicker and with more innovation when their tech people talked directly to our tech people. And the solutions often led to new services and products.

This model became the foundation for our client work and is likely one of the main reasons behind our high NKI-scores. So when the rest of the business started talking about DevOps, we got a strong feeling of ”been there, done that!”


Demands from digitalization

But just because you are doing something well, does not mean you should remain complacent. So, in the spirit of moving forward, we thought long and hard about our clients current and upcoming challenges – and honestly, they are no picnic.

The challenges are extensive and fast paced. The traditional revenue streams are thinning while digitalization and new channels consume time, resources and money. The bottom line is simply that you must invest in digitalization to survive but you can't afford to make mistakes. So what can you do?  


How you meet the challenge

First things first – there is no way to go for something, without sometimes getting it wrong. It is in the nature of things, that mistakes will happen and must be allowed to happen. The focus should therefore be on ensuring that any possible mistakes have as little impact as possible and happen early in the process – a so called fail fast.

The concept ”geek to geek” we spoke of earlier, lead to great customer satisfaction, but also allows us to enter the customer's processes much earlier. This gives us the chance to create a technical environment and methodology that opens up space for such things as DevOps, Bimodal and Think Big, Act Small, Scale Fast – basically an environment where the distance between idea and testing is as short and as cheap as possible.

These insights led us to produce a cloud solution with adjoining services where the developer gets easy and fast access to the necessary resources to get started with his DevOps Tool Kit in order to get the process of building, testing and potentially failing fast, started. If the idea takes off, it is possible to quickly test it in production, and you can reverse even quicker of you encounter a fail. We have simply created a platform and service that makes it possible to aim for the digitalization of your organization as you are able to make mistakes you can actually afford.

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Written by Redpill Linpro