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Unleash the power of digital transformation with MuleSoft and Salesforce

Suddenly common use cases for investments in API and integration platforms, such as customer 360 view, legacy modernization, new digital channels and creation of API ecosystems are far more within reach than previously.

The Salesforce acquisition of leading API & Integration platform vendor MuleSoft and consequential investments in ready made APIs for integration of respective platforms, has created a terrific foundation for digital transformation and innovation that spans through your entire organisation. 

Success that creates opportunities and challenges

Over the past years, SaaS company (SFDC), has been extremely successful in implementing their various cloud solutions (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud etc) to support various parts of their customers organisations and processes.

Through a 100% cloud strategy and the help of technology and tools like IoT, AI and much more, Salesforce has emerged as leaders within Sales, Marketing and Service Management. The Salesforce success has also introduced a new challenge for customers and drived the need for modern integration and API solutions that can connect SaaS/Cloud based solutions with existing (often on prem) legacy systems like ERP, Order Management or other production systems.

This is where the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform fits in. Being a modern platform that supports a variety of deploy patterns and including ready made connectors for a large set of the most used applications on the market today, it is suddenly within reach for organisations to build an API platform that makes it possible to connect legacy systems with modern tooling for sales, marketing and service to end customers.

This way organisations can truly innovate around digital transformation and create new value for its customers, employees, suppliers or citizens. 

Choose the right partners

With this said, there is an old truth in the IT industry (how old it now might be), that no application will ever be better than the performance of the implementation project. Many of us have seen IT projects with the best pre-conditions miss out on their targets due to poor project performance/implementation.

This is why it is extremely important not to only choose the application that looks best suited to meet your requirements, but also to choose a partner that is committed to your success and has adequate experience from the same type of implementation. This way you will be able to avoid the most common pitfalls and even if you would encounter issues during the implementation, you will know that you have a partner that is equally committed to the success of your initiative.

This is also true for Salesforce/MuleSoft implementation projects. Even if all the pre-conditions are there, you have secured your budget and has the attention from your organisation and management, it will require a lot of work and transpiration without the right support.

This is why leading Scandinavian MuleSoft partner Redpill Linpro has joined forces and partnered with leading Salesforce implementation partner Axenon to assist Nordic based customers to reach their digital transformation/innovation targets utilising the MuleSoft and Salesforce platforms.

Implementing digital transformation use cases

In a series of upcoming blog posts we will share our views on how to be successful when introducing common digital transformation use cases like ”Single 360 customer view”, ”Introducing new products and services”, ”Increased operational efficiency” and ”Organizational change”.

We intend to give you hands-on recommendations and introduce potential new ways of thinking to gain the full potential of your investments in above mentioned platforms.

We also plan to combine this written material with real life events to show examples of implementations and invite you to discuss your organisations digital transformation challenges and opportunities. So please stay tuned for upcoming blog posts and events on the topic. 

Written by Fredrik Svensson