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Salesforce AI as a Service

Salesforce AI as a Service
Start leveraging AI today to enhance your business operations and achieve cost and time savings.

Use case

Do you have data available for summarization or categorization?

Do you have requirement to forecast opportunity amounts, predict customer attrition, or determine lead conversion likelihood?


Use our AI as a Service, to secure your data within the EU. Integrate this service using features in Salesforce, MuleSoft or any other integration platform to unlock the power of AI in your Salesforce implementation.

Once enabled, you can summarize, categorize, predict, and take proactive actions to position your operations at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.

Structure on offering

Two weeks including workshops and analysis plus four weeks of implementation and you will be leveraging AI to support your business.

Technical implementation and support

  • AI as a Service: Setting up a hosted service within the EU.
  • Integration: Our experts will integrate the AI service either direct from Salesforce or using integration platform of choice to enable the use case decided.
  • We can support your AI journey and implement future use cases, and host the AI as a Service
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