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Salesforce license model optimisation

Salesforce License Model Optimization
Optimize your Salesforce investment and realise cost savings.

Find ways to maximise your investments

If you are a seasoned Salesforce user who has been consistently improving your platform with new features and services, it is worth exploring ways to maximize your Salesforce investments

Fine tuning and strategic utilisation

Make the most of your licenses by fine-tuning your organization's licenses - think about upgrading or downgrading as necessary. Utilize user licenses strategically to cut down on your overall expenses.

What is included?

Salesforce license model optimisation is a three day session including one workshop and analysis and two days producing output. 

User stories to optimize your Salesforce License Model and realize cost savings.

What will we assess?

  • Organisation licenses, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, additional data, and Full Sandboxes.
  • User licenses, such as Limited Access and Integration.
  • License maintenance, such as Optimizer and deactivate users.
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