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Salesforce marketing automation support and enhance

Salesforce marketing automation support and enhance
Unlock the full potential of your marketing automation solution.


Redpill Linpro offers several programs that can help you evaluate, train, and optimize your current marketing solution efforts.


No matter if you are targeting B2B or B2C markets, Redpill Linpro’s expertise lies in making sure that you’re squeezing every drop of potential out of your Marketing Cloud or Account Engagement license.

Our different services

  • Heath check: We review your current solution and come up with advice on what can be improved.
  • Consultancy: Whether you need short-term expertise or a long-term partner, our team of automation specialists is here for you.
  • Enhance and optimise: Usually comes as an outcome of the health check program. If you experience that your current solutions are not providing enough value our marketing automation team can assist you in enhancing your current setup.
  • Training: Whether you are looking to master your marketing automation tool or enhance your team's skills, we can support you with platform training.
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