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Salesforce security assessment

Salesforce security assessment
Implement robust security measures in Salesforce using features readily available.

Use case

Has your Salesforce implementation been operational for over a year, yet you lack insights into its security posture? Are you familiar with your Salesforce Health Check score?


Let us evaluate your security and leverage out-of-the-box features to fortify your defenses. We will explore strategies to prevent security breaches and options to minimize damage in case of a breach.

Structure on offering

Two weeks including workshops and analysis plus one week of producing outputs that can be leveraged to implement robust security.

Output and what we will assess

  • User stories for comprehensive security in Salesforce which collectively forms a robust defense against potential security threats.
  • Security maintenance such as Health Check, Optimizer, data and metadata backup.
  • Measures to restrict access such as API Ranges, Session Security, Password Policies, My Domain, and MFA when using SSO.
  • Measures where access is opened such as white listing IP:s and trusted networks.
  • Data access such as Org-Wide Sharing, Profiles, Permission Sets.
  • User access such as Profiles, Permission Sets, User Licenses.
  • Integration access such as Connected Apps, Integration users.
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