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Microservices Ready

Organisations of today are challenged with a constant need for change to keep up with the expectations from customers, partners or citizens and to stay competitive in a fast changing environment.

The IT industry have produced a number of different concepts in recent years to decrease IT investment delivery times and to create more agile IT development organisations. One of the most recent initiatives in this direction is Microservices.

Implemented and used in the right way a Microservices architecture and approach will increase agility and decrease time from idea to deployment, but misused or implemented wrongly a Microservices architecture might instead increase complexity and confusion.


Concrete advice

We have worked with Microservices initiatives for various customers in recent years and built experience on what works and what do not. Based on these experiences and best-practices, we have designed the Microservices Ready model. The Microservices model contains a number of concrete advice and questions that you should ask yourself and the organisation when going for a Microservices approach. The model covers steps from strategic concerns to organisational and technical challenges and possibilities. To spice up the offering and be able to very specific we have also suggested a reference architecture with Open Source based tooling that will help you with being on top of your Microservices.


4 advantages of Microservices

The model is designed so that you can use it as assistance for specific steps in your Microservices approach or as guidance throughout the implementation and maintenance of your Microservices. We have kept advices and best-practices on a level so that it will suit organisations in different industries and with various levels of experience from Microservices or similar architectural considerations. 
The model comes with a set of pre-defined steps that we believe are important to cover when implementing Microservices and will make sure that your Microservices journey is succesful.

  1. Microservices poses an opportunity to increase agility and efficiency in your IT development processes
  2. Microservices can decrease time from idea to deployment
  3. Microservices is one piece in the puzzle to increase IT delivery capacity and improve delivery on business requirements
  4. Successful implementation of Microservices will increase the competitive strength of your organisation, but a failure will increase complexity and decrease delivery capacity.


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