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Digital Project Management Solutions

In a digital world, you would expect your projects to be run and controlled digitally.

Increase control and follow up on your project

With our solutions for Digital Project Management we will help you increase control and follow up on your project undertakings. 

Our Digital Project Management solutions are being used by both customers in the public sector as well as in the utilities industry. By using the Alfresco ECM platform as a foundation we have, together with our customers, designed a unique solution for large project undertakings that gather activities, documents, change orders and tasks in one place. Items are assigned to the right person using the Activiti business process engine and traceability is enabled through the extensive access control options available in the Alfresco ECM platform.

Our digital Project Management solutions have been developed togehter with our customers and partners that have extensive experience from Project Management advice. The solutions does not only incorporate internal users, but also offers a set of roles and access to enable external partners access to relevant parts of the functionality and tasks that are assigned to them. Through the access control mechanisms you will never have to doubt what was really agreed or who approved a certain modification or change to a specification. Since the solution is digital it is accessible whereever you are currently working, no matter whether it is at a construction site, from home or from the office.


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