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The Digital Workplace for Publishers – Single Source Publishing!


A while ago we published blog post on the topic of Digital Workplace Transformation. This time our intention is to bring the discussion closer to you by adding a specific industry view on the subject. First out is the publishing and media industry. These industries have been put under a lot of pressure lately with the introduction of new media, as e-books, Internet magazines and an expectation from the readers that information and news are supposed to be available without any cost.

This have led to publishers seeking new ways of making money, structuring content, using content in different channels and above all worked very hard with trying to create more efficient processes and an efficient use of content.

There are also others implementing publishing like processes to handle technical documentation, user manuals, encyclopedias or other content that includes managing several authors (often geographically spread), keeping track of versions and changes. What would an efficient Digital Workplace look like for these organisations?


The editors Digital Workplace

So with that said – what is important when designing a digital workplace for the publishers, editors and authors? Let’s start with the editors view. Editing and publishing articles efficiently will be key to the success of Publishers.

To start with it needs to be simple to keep track on the status of a certain article? How far from done is it? What is the deadline? Where in the process is it? This is especially important when an editor is supposed to keep track of potentially thousands of authors.

Once the article have been written and committed by the author the editor will need to have an efficient flow and overview for reviewing and potentially edit the article before it is approved. This might include sending the article back and forth to the author for required modifications. All this needs to be done electronically to be done in an efficient manner.

Once the article have gone full circle through the editing process and been approved for publishing, the editor need to decide what parts or editions of the article to be published through which media. Maybe also different parts of the article will be published as subscriber only content or some other mechanism for paying customers.

All these things needs to be done in an efficient, transparent manner and might include several different individuals being able to do the editing tasks. 


The authors Digital Workplace?

An author of newspaper articles, technical documentation, books or whatever they are writing about needs an efficient tool to commit their articles and receive feedback from their editors or reviewers. An author of today have to meet tough deadlines and are supposed to create articles and written material on very short time frames.

To be able to do this, they need an efficient tool to communicate and exchange feedback with editors. This of course needs to be a computirised solution in order to allow authors to work in different locations and places, writing their articles.

You also have to take the ”Bring Your Own” (BYO) device concept into consideration. You need to allow for authors to use the operating system and editor of their choice to be efficient. This means that the publishing tool needs to support different flavours of editors and operating systems. Believe me – this is of great importance to the efficiency of your authors. 


The solution – Single Source publishing full circle!

In order to create an efficient process for single publishing editors need an efficient tool to allow them to publish various content of a specific article with just a simple mouse click or padding their iPads.

As it happens we have one of them single source publishing tools available for you to try out. In a project together with Trap Danmark we have helped them in building an efficient tool for Single Source Publishing and collecting articles from thousands of authors all over Denmark. The Trap Denmark is set out to be a full encyclopedia over the entire geography and cultural of todays Denmark. Such a quest do require a powerful tool.

In this case the Single Source Publishing tool is built upon the Open Source based ECM solution Alfresco and delivers functionality to support Trap Denmark in their processes to both collect articles and publish them in various media. Taking both the author and in particular the editors Digital Workplaces into consideration, with a small contingent of editors required to handle up to a thousand authors producing articles simultaneously.

If you are a publisher in need for a Single Source Publishing tool to support your specific needs and requirements for the Digital Workplace – your tool is right here!

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Written by Fredrik Svensson