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New partnership: Exploring the CNCF Universe.


We are thrilled to announce our upcoming partnership with the global Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

This partnership truly embodies the essence of who we are and what we stand for: innovation, progress, and pushing the boundaries of the possible. In other words it aligns with our passion for open-source projects and contribution to sustainable societal development.


CNCF? Never heard of it.

Established in 2015 under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, CNCF serves as a vendor neutral home for open-source projects that collectively define the landscape of cloud-native computing. From container orchestration to monitoring and beyond, CNCF projects are crucial to many cloud engineers and open source enthusiasts alike.

By providing a collaborative platform for developers, end-users, and vendors, CNCF fosters an environment where ideas and technologies evolve. Moreover, CNCF sets standards through courses, certification programs and expertise. It is not just an organization; but rather a catalyst for progress in the ever-evolving cloud tech landscape. Under the CNCF umbrella many projects have grown and evolved.

The organization's projects are grouped into 3 categories: sandboxed projects, incubated projects, and graduated projects. Ranging from early stage projects to mature, stable and finalized “in production” projects.

You may know or use some of these graduated technologies daily, such as:

Kubernetes - a system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications,

Prometheus - monitoring and alerting,

Argocd - continuous integration and delivery,

Cilium - cloud native network,

Helm - application definition and image building,

Containerd - container runtime,

… and many more.

Cool, but what does this mean for us?

We will actively participate and attend meetups in Stockholm, Oslo and Aarhus.Some of us will also partake at CNCF’s flagship conference ”Kubecon” in Paris, from 19 - 22 March, 2024. This means that you can expect IT talks (our very own podcast), blog posts, live/video talks and a lot more in 2024.

We will also host our very own CNCF meetups with interesting tech talks and demos to actively participate in the community. We are very excited about this opportunity. Hopefully you are, too!

The next step

Our journey into the CNCF universe marks a new and thrilling chapter in our commitment to innovation and open-source excellence. As we embark on this partnership, we are not merely aligning with industry standards; we are diving into the forefront of cloud-native evolution.

We invite you to join us. Keep an eye out for invitations to meetups and digital events.

Written by Amelie Löwe