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Ask, listen and learn


In the last few months of 2021, we performed our latest customer satisfaction survey and the premises was as follows.

  • Participating customers were from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

  • The survey had both quantitative and qualitative questions.

  • 65 companies participated.

And the results were…

The good stuff

We have a satisfaction index of 4.51 out of 5

Supposedly, results above an average of 3 (out of 5) are good. But we all know that is not quite true. Who is actually happy being an average? It is not what people usually aim for, and neither should companies. So, we are in fact really proud to get a 4.51 average!

We have a high level of competence

Our IT consultants are not just the bread and butter of the company. They are the cake and the icing too and they make it possible for us to deliver seriously cool, society enhancing IT solutions. So we are of course extremely proud you have really highlighted them in this survey! Giving them a score of 4.71!

The stuff we can learn from

We can always be closer

We like to be close, very close to our customers, but even so, some of you have been experiencing that we are a bit distant and maybe a bit hard to reach. Not ok, we will work harder to close this gap.

We can always be more proactive

So much is happening in the IT world and disruption seems to be the new normal. It is therefore only natural that you are eager to have the best and the brightest handling your IT development and getting the latest and best from us. This makes it more important than ever to share our knowledge in every possible way.

And that our consultants are on their toes and continuously increase their competence level. 

The conclusion

You, our customers are happy but we want you to be even happier, so the main things we will bring with us into our work is this:

Hire more consultants

The survey clearly showed that the ongoing digitalisation demands a lot of resources and that many of you will need skilled consultants during the whole of 2022 (and further on as well). We are working hard to find the best talents and will continue to do so, all in order to satisfy your need fpr competence.

Closer and faster

Some of you have voiced a desire to have closer cooperation with us, to get feedback faster, and to have strategic planning meetings more often. This we will try to accommodate as well as we can, and to the extent that you are comfortable with. 

And finally:

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and for, yet again, giving us such high grades!

Written by Susannah Eriksson