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API Management

Implementing an API initiative is an investment in the future, but for once, it is an investment that does not require a revolution in your organisation or restructuring of your infrastructure. Instead, an API initiative can be a way to avoid many of the more or less painful pitfalls many companies find themselves in today, in terms of integrations and IT growing challenges. We can help you create and establish an API strategy in your business through our team of business architects, with extensive experience in change management and integration, both with and without web APIs.

In addition, we can also help you to establish your own design and development team for building web APIs according to our high quality and cost efficient requirements. We offer training for developers and architects and can also help you with mentoring and expert advice if needed. If you want to outsource your API management, our organisation has experience of completely taking over the development process and building your APIs for you, in whole or in part.

Most important, Redpill Linpro has a complete strategy for API management where we can help you to establish your own API management in your own infrastructure or in our “API management in the cloud” data center, to get you started quickly or to implement a low-cost proof-of-concept project. If you prefer, we can take over complete management of the APIs and look after both operations and management. You then, of course, have access to monitoring and are still in charge of control and access of exposed APIs.

Soon you will discover that APIs also require management just like any other IT system. API management includes all the activities needed to administer, control, prepare, deploy and change APIs in operation. We believe that API management should be handled by a dedicated infrastructure, an “API manager”.


An API manager is a complete platform for:

  • monitoring and surveilling all APIs and their use

  • operating and securing APIs (authenticating, throttling, caching and potentially blocking)

  • administering APIs (version management, API lifecycle management)

  • collecting API users (providing access, documentation, examples, etc.)

  • analysing use of API to generate income for API usage, and

  • exposing APIs uniformly (creating a uniform expression for end users) without affecting existing APIs.

We work with and provide products for API Management from MuleSoft, WSO2, Gravitee, Varnish Software and Red Hat 3scale.


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