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Agile teams to support digital transformation


Recent studies show that IT decision makers and departments are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of initiatives that the digital transformation brings.

The business expects more than IT can deliver and finding resources to deliver on the expectations is a challenge. The digital initiatives often also creates a need for new technology and solutions that does not fit with the existing competencies of the IT department. At the same time – no one can afford to wait since development speed is rapid and if your organisation does not act on opportunities, someone else will.

Solve your digital challenges

To help face these challenges, we are introducing our concept for agile teams. With this concept we are able to deploy a full team of skilled IT professionals to help solve your digital challenges. Our teams come with a ready made toolbox for running agile projects based on our decade long experiences from this area (customers include Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, SJ, Svenska Kraftnät, BRÅ, Lyse Produksjon and others), together with formal structures to promote innovation, productivity, control and quality management. The team is assembled based on your specific requirements, but will most certainly include knowledge and experience from leading Open Source platforms, PaaS/iPaas platforms, DevOps methodologies and API thinking. Teams may be deployed both on site or remotely.

Quickly access skilled and experienced resources

”The digital transformation presents many opportunities, but also challenges for organisations today. One of the big challenges is to be able to allocate resources to respond to all the digital initiatives that business wants to drive. Despite increasing IT budgets and a focus on IT capabilities to deliver on digital initiatives, it is hard to keep up with the innovation and demands from business. In this landscape it will be increasingly important to be able to quickly access skilled and experienced resources to add to your delivery capacity. For this to work efficiently, these resources needs to be ready to go straight into delivery mode. To achieve this, and to offer organisations digital initiative capacity, we introduce our agile teams. The agile team concept is based on our previous experiences, includes ready made teams that are set up to work in an agile mode together with our customers to meet their digital challenges. I am convinced that agile teams, combined with modern and open platforms, will add the missing pieces to support many organisations digital initiatives”, says Henrik Gavelli, CEO of Redpill Linpro.

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Written by Susannah Eriksson