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Red Hat Forum Oslo, October 17

Inviting you to Red Hat Forum 2019 in Oslo, a place to build on what you have, build toward what you want, and build up your expectations of possibilities to come.

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The 2019 Platform Summit Stockholm, October 21-23

You can expect to meet a speaker panel of API experts for a 2-and-a-half-day event jam-packed with workshops and keynote sessions offering innovative insights on building success in the API ecosystem.

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System integration toolbox 2019, October 24th

Have you registered yet for the tech event "System Integration Toolbox 2019"? At the event you can listen to talks from various experts and real-life cases, bring your knowledge and hard-earned experience with you and share your views and ideas.

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AIM North Symposium Oslo, November 7th

Share emerging best practices in intelligence engineering and applications. Gain insight on the impact of technology and listen to the presentation: Automated DevOps pipelines for machine learning. 

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