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Agile IT Operations, Cloud and DevOps


Are you DevOps Ready? Part 5

DevOps is about sharing! Sharing is an important part of the success behind the Open Source development movement that has seen such an increase in the software industry for the past 10-15 years. The sole foundation of the Open Source model is to add your piece to the puzzle (in this case software) and share your additions with the rest of the community.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Are you DevOps Ready? Part 4

DevOps is about knowing! So at this stage you have kicked off your DevOps initiative. You have Developers and Operations staff working together in a PoC team or even already managed to roll-out several teams. But how do you know if the initiative is successful and giving your organisation the desired benefits?

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Are you DevOps Ready? Part 3

DevOps is about working smarter! When automating existing processes, people will likely open up entire new opportunities for working smarter. This is why an important cornerstone of a DevOps initiative is to automate what can in fact be automated. Automation frees time for innovation and development, whilst manual routines often are error prone and time consuming.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Are you DevOps Ready? Part 2

DevOps is fundamentally about changing culture. One of the primary objectives when starting a DevOps initiative is to achieve a cultural change in the organisation as a whole. To be successful with DevOps you need an organisation that takes responsibility for the full picture and not only optimises parts of processes. A good illustration of a well functioning DevOps organisation is to view the organisation and its processes as part of large manufacturing plant.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Are you DevOps Ready? Part 1

The Digital Transformation is bringing a lot of challenges for IT decision makers. One of the main challenges is trying to keep up and deliver on the business expectations and requirements for software solutions to address problems or create innovation. The sheer volume of projects and time constraints are overwhelming IT decision makers, their organisations and their ability to deliver.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

20 steps to a DevOps Culture

To establish a DevOps style of work requires a new culture within the entire organization. So how do you go about it? Instead of optimizing within their silos, developers, operations as well as the business need to work together to establish joint targets.

Written by Michael Nemecky

Moln, hybrid eller on premise - så möter du kraven på digitalisering

Radars rapport ”Den uppkopplade verkligheten” har majoriteten av respondenterna rankat ”möta ökade krav från verksamheten på integration” som den största integrationsutmaningen och prioriteringen. Naturligt med tanke på att 2/3 av respondenterna har en integrationsplattform installerad.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

When the world is not black and white – agile IT Operations and DevOps

With long experience and a clear profile in operating Linux and Open Source solutions, we are a leading provider of agile IT operations and DevOps to customers in the Nordics. With an established organization and culture, the decision to provide services on mixed systems where Linux is not the only OS seems like a natural evolution, and one we believe we can implement without ignoring our heritage.

Written by Michael Nemecky