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Are you Microservices Ready?


Organisations of today are challenged with a constant need for change to keep up with the expectations from customers, partners or citizens and to stay competitive in a fast changing environment.

The IT industry has produced a number of different concepts in recent years to decrease IT investment delivery times and to create more agile IT development organisations. One of the most recent initiatives in this direction is Microservices.

Microservices are said to be able to decrease complexity in your system architecture, speed up the development process, enable development teams to work autonomously and ultimately decrease time from idea to deployment.

This all sounds like music to the ears of IT executives, development managers, IT architects and developers who are pressured by the business increasing demand for speed and delivery of new digital capabilities.

Many IT organisations are still tied up with huge maintenance undertakings for old monolithic application structures developed with unfashionable technology and platforms. For these organisations Microservices may be part of the solution on how to build a modern, flexible and agile architecture. And how to respond quicker to business requirements and decrease the current gap between the business requirements and the IT departments ability to deliver on these requirements.

So Microservices may be the answer to a lot of challenges that IT organisations are challenged with. With this said, implementing a Microservices based architecture also possess some challenges and potential pitfalls. Implementing a Microservices approach and architecture incorrectly may cause you more problems than the environment you are trying to leave.


Microservices Ready Model

This is why we created the Microservices Ready Model. This model is based on our experiences and knowledge from assisting customers with implementing a Microservices approach in various industries, with different motivators and with various organizational and technical challenges. The model addresses technical challenges and subjects such as strategic and organizational challenges when going this route.

A Microservices approach is often accompanied with a requirement for efficient API Management and a DevOps style of work. This is why our Microservices Ready Model plays well with previously launched models for API Management Ready Model and DevOps Ready through CAMS. A combination of these concepts will provide you with a solid foundation to achieve agility, speed and decrease time from idea to deployment.

We will launch our Microservices Ready model by releasing a series of blog posts to introduce each step in the model, this is the first post in this series so expect a deep dive into various subjects in coming posts. In the mean time you can find out what 4 advantages Microservices gives you.

Stay tuned in this forum for more information on how to assure Microservice readiness....


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Written by Fredrik Svensson