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Is Salesforce right for us?

Is Salesforce right for us?
Find out if Salesforce is the right tool for your company

Use case

Thinking about getting Salesforce for the first time, but you want to see for yourself how it can help your company’s unique needs, before you purchase? Or have you been using Salesforce for a while and you are thinking of getting more licenses or products, but you want to be sure, before you purchase?


We will conduct a series of discovery workshops with your users to understand your company’s unique needs, requirements, wishes and pain points. We will also build and present a custom-built Salesforce demo that’s tailored to your company.

Structure on offering

Workshops, analysis and continuous documentation together with construction of a tailored demo that can be leveraged for decision making. Duration is dependent on scope and can vary from company to company, we are working in a pragmatic approach and structure this based on your scenario and use cases.


Documentation from each workshop, a report with findings, as well as a recording of the tailored demo where you can see for yourself how Salesforce can help your company.

We will base our solution on

  • Your company, your users, and your customers' needs, requirements and pain points
  • Your company’s short-term, long-term goals and strategy
  • Your current ecosystem and CRM (Salesforce or other) setup and licenses


Erik Ivarsson

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