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Redpill Linpro starts Salesforce business in the Nordics

Redpill Linpro, a Nordic supplier of complex digital solutions within API & Integration, DevOps, and Cloud, starts a new company focused on providing customer experience solutions based on Salesforce services. Erik Ivarsson, an experienced Salesforce expert, will be managing the new company.

Redpill Linpro’s position as a Mulesoft (leading API & integration platform) top partner in the Nordics together with a strong DevOps position creates a very good basis for providing our customers with in-depth IT knowledge. Combined with the new Salesforce practice we will be able to address the most complex customer experience solutions.

Salesforce acquired Mulesoft recently to address the fact that complex connectivity has become an increasingly important part of Salesforce projects.Resulting in Salesforce being able to handle even more complex solutions and unifying data, within its ecosystem. 

“Our business has grown rapidly in recent years and we see no slowdown in the demand for digital innovations from our customers. So our next step is to combine complex API & Integration solutions and DevOps methods with Salesforce customer 360 solutions. We foresee a rapid growth in this area and with this new company in the Redpill Linpro family, Redpill Linpro CX, we are able to act as a strong one-stop-shop for these solutions.", says Henrik Gavelli, Group CEO of Redpill Linpro.

“Redpill Linpro’s position as a top Mulesoft partner, together with our new Salesforce capabilities around development and architecture and a very strong DevOps practice, creates a fantastic basis for scaling and providing the best of the best for our customers. I am excited to be an entrepreneur for this endeavour together with Redpill Linpro and I am convinced that this will be most beneficial for the success of our customers.”, says Erik Ivarsson, newly appointed Managing Director of Redpill Linpro CX AB

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Written by Susannah Eriksson