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Core concepts and capabilities for the financial sector part 1

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Moving into a PaaS model enables your organization to spend time on what is important for your customers: your ability to operate more flexible and innovative, while ensuring you are spending your time and effort into building solutions for your customers and not for your IT department. Investing in Salesforce is more than simply investing in new technology or a new fancy UI you put on top of existing processing and systems.

Sure, it can be, but from my experience the companies that really succeed with Salesforce are the ones that make it fit into their Enterprise Architecture and adapt to the Platform as a Service concept and mindset. If you embark on an IT transformation journey with the mindset that you should include all your existing processes and way of working unchanged into Salesforce, I guarantee that you will be disappointed with the result.

Re-thinking your processes

On the other hand, I ensure that the time you spend on re-thinking your processes and analyzing your areas of improvement with the core concepts of Salesforce, will get you closer to a desirable result. The beauty of a solution like Salesforce, as I see it, is that there is a constant addition of new functionality, always improving ways of doing what you once thought was something definite.

You are not just buying a new tool; you are buying a new way of operating and bringing your IT and business units together in one eco-system.

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Please join the conversation and share your thoughts with me.

This blog series will provide you with insights on:

  • Unified data layer across business areas and processes
  • API-first feature enabled platform
  • Trust and security enforcement at all layers
  • A thriving customer and partner eco-system


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Written by Erik Ivarsson