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Salesforce for the financial sector

Follow me over a bunch of blog posts where I share what I bring with me after working with Salesforce within the financial and fin-tech sector during a couple of years and several projects.
Salesforce for the financial sector

Like all companies across different sectors, there is a need to continuously move more and more into a customer-centric operating model. It is as simple as that, your customers expect your company to give them a better overall experience than your competitors in order to have the privilege of calling them customers.

Perhaps even more evident on your ability to give this to your customers is measured on your churn rate, to what extent are you retaining your customers in a sector where you are fighting against an increasing number of competitors with different profiles?

Less ever-loyal customers

The Financial sector is no exception to the above, they might have felt this increasing exponentially during the last decade. The sector has most likely seen less and less of their ever-loyal customers due to the increased competition around all products and offerings within their portfolio. Loyalty takes a long time to build, but it is easy to lose due to factors that might be within or outside of your control. It is not seldom that internal business processes in large corporate financial institutions, with a lot of legacy, suffers from lack of security, innovation, or flexibility.

Wherever there are possibilities there are also pitfalls

I have had the pleasure to work within the financial sector on implementations of Salesforce for different clients during my years as a Salesforce Consultant. I’ve held roles such as Developer and Architect, worked with a variety of stakeholders and within multiple different types of business units for each client.

Every project and client have taught me something new about the sector and I stand firm with my belief that Salesforce is an excellent platform and tool to include in your eco-system, but wherever there are possibilities there are also pitfalls to lookout for. 

More information

With this blog post series, I hope that I will be able to provide insights into both the benefits available and the potential backsides or challenges.

Please join the conversation and share your thoughts with me.

More posts will follow soon:


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Written by Erik Ivarsson