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Public, Government and Municipality

Digital transformations require changes, to processes and IT systems as well as to mindset and skills, that maybe are more challenging to implement in the public sector than in the private sector.

In a recent report Business Insider estimates municipalities worldwide to increase their spendings on IoT systems from 36 billion dollar (2014) to 133 billion dollar in 2019 and that the investment will generate 421 billion in economic value for cities round the globe.

McKinsey lists 6 successful government initiative, that might serve as inspiration:

  1. Win government-wide and agency-deep commitment to specific digital targets 
  2. Establish government-wide coordination of IT investments
  3. Redesign processes with the end user in mind
  4. Hire and nurture the right talent
  5. Use big data and analytics to improve decision making
  6. Protect critical infrastructure and confidential data

The State of Colorado, through IDG Contributor Network, shares an intresting case of what digital transformation can mean to the public sector. Concluding "The thing about digital transformation is that those who are truly evolved in this area aren’t necessarily IT organizations: it’s the businesses that are thinking outside the box with their technology". 

In this collection of essays from the European center for government transformation we get to know the point of view on how Europe can lead public sector transformation.

Several of our customer projects nominated for eDiamond Awards at the eGoverment Days 2016

  • Alingsås is nominated for the education portal Arena that we have developed. Alingsås has a long term strategy in Open Source and open interfaces and have developed an open platform for education portals that can be used and easily adapted to other municipality needs. 

Read more about Arena, education portal

  • Lantmäteriet is nominated for the Minecraft geodata implementation supplied as open data. We have delivered systems and services for the API management system that handles the open data.

Read more about Lantmäteriet and API Management 

Read more about the eDiamond Award nominations

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