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Increase operational efficiency with Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Digitization and access to new tooling creates new opportunities to introduce new processes and methodology to support new ways of working. This can include to involve customers or partners in new ways in your supply chain, use feedback from customers to strengthen your product offerings, introduce new payment flows or whatever can be done to increase efficiency in your business.

This is possible through access to more information than ever before and tooling to utilise all this available information. The Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platforms combined offer a great opportunity to reinvent your business and increase your operational efficiency using digitally transformed processes. 

Digitizing and connecting

Digital transformation is for many organisations a process that must be allowed to take some time. It includes going from paper based documentation and oral or written communication to digitized documentation and information/agreements.

When you digitize your important business agreements, documents, product catalogue, drawings etc it opens the opportunity to redesign your processes and invent new ways of communicating with your customers, partners and others. This is digital transformation.

In a changing business environment and an ongoing digital revolution, you will need to constantly review and update your business to continue to stay competitive. In order to do this, you need software platforms that are flexible and allows you to redefine your processes and make use of data that is available both inside and outside of your company borders. 

Digital transformation

Even though there has been talk over the past years about the ongoing digital transformation, there is still a lot of work ongoing with this transformation in many organisations. Other organisations might have started their digital transformations, but done mistakes and been forced to restart their work.

Redpill Linpro has its own take on how to run a digital transformation process with the ”Digital Ready Model”. One important part of the digital transformation journey and the ”Digital Ready Model” is to have the required digital capabilities available to support your business. This platform will have to be easy to adopt to changing requirements, easy to deploy in various patterns and easy to connect to different data sources.

If you choose a platform that is easy to adopt to all these scenarios, you have ensured that you have the digital capabilities to support whatever digital transformation you want to do in the future.

A flexible platform

A combination of the Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platforms will give your organisation access to digital capabilities that are easy to adopt to changing requirements, both in terms of functionality and deployment options.

Both the Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platforms are deployed in the cloud to create easy access for your users and make it easy to connect to data sources that might be available outside of your organisational borders.

With Anypoint Platform you also have the option of running your implementation in a hybrid mode to also connect your cloud based applications with your on premise deployed applications.

This creates an unique opportunity to enable access to data in your business applications and work with your processes to increase operational efficiency and reinvent your business to stay competitive through the digital revolution.

How to get started?

Through our experiences and innovative packaging, such as the ”Integration as a Service” offering for the Anypoint Platform and the ”Digital Ready Model”, we can add value and a new view to your work with integrating your business and increase your operational efficiency. 

Written by Fredrik Svensson