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Let real time data influence you by using Salesforce and MuleSoft

The digital transformation and ongoing digital revolution has created new tools and methods for corporations to interact with customers and partners. It also brings a new acceptance from customers and prospects on what kind of data they are prepared to share with their business partners.

This offers digitized businesses a unique opportunity to test, analyze and follow up introductions of new services and products. It also pose an opportunity to catch customer behaviours, expectations and competition comparisons in a completely new way. This is one of the use cases where a combination of the Salesforce and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform can introduce a new reality for todays corporations. 

Catching customer feedback and behaviours

Through the digitized society of today, with social media apps like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms there is a lot of valuable information about your existing and potential customers available openly for your organisation to make us of.

If you can combine this with information from other sources, like physical meetings in stores or on your corporate branches, you have the opportunity to provide your analysts and business decision makers with a vast bunch of information to make informed decisions.

This information can for instance be used to make decisions on which products and product lines to develop and market, or which to deprecate. It can also provide you with quick feedback on new products or services that are introduced by your competition and how they are received by their customers.

If you and your organisation are able to gather, assimilate, analyze and make quick informed decisions out of this information flow, you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Gather, analyze, interpret and decide

With a combination of leading Anypoint Platform (ranked as leaders in Gartner Magic Quadrants for ”Full lifecycle API Management” and Enterprise integration platform as a service iPaaS for 2020) and the Salesforce cloud, it is possible to gather information from a lot of different sources (and additional sources can be added) to analyze and interpret these to make informed decisions on the products or services that customers request.

This will create an unprecedented opportunity to let real time data influence your product and services development, as well as provide instant feedback on newly released products or services. This will enable your corporation to move to the next level when it comes to product and services development.

With the right processes in place you can directly feed your R&D, product development and/or marketing departments with updated and close to real time feedback on product releases, trends and market behaviour.

This is very close to a dream situation for every product developer, marketing person or executive with a responsibility for a product segment or services offering. 

How to get started?

Utilising the power that Salesforce and the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform jointly offers to create a structured way to gather, analyze and make information available for product development and marketers is a good start. Maybe you have already invested in one of these technologies and wish to increase the value generated?

Through our joint experiences and innovative packaging, such as the ”Integration as a Service” offering for the Anypoint Platform, we can add value and a new view to your work with integrating your business and aligning with the market for successful introductions of new products and services. 

Written by Fredrik Svensson