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Data analytics and data platform

Data analytics & data platform
Find it challenging to see the exact value of investing in becoming data driven?

We need to start in the right end, which business challenge should we solve first and in what area? Sales, marketing, operations? 

  • Is there an area where the cost of resources eat up your margins? 
  • Why are there less customers using your application? 
  • Do you lack on-demand data to catch trends to act fast and accordingly? 

Then, there is the data… 

You need good quality, consistent and reliable data catered to the specific challenge for insight, add value and automate.

We use Databricks

Databricks is one of the fastest growing analytics platform in the world because it represents the modern way of conducting analysis - the Modern Data Stack. 

Hosted in the cloud with easy setup and scaling like every other service in the cloud. Pay as you go, no large investment, no licenses no massive strategic planning needed to get started. 

Simply start small, think big and then scale as you wish. 

Extract from one source and do plain aggregation or ingest, load and transform complex ecosystem of sources for Machine Learning initiatives.

Databricks provides you with the benefits of a modern data stack

  • Modularity for swapping parts of your stack when needed, use the parts you need and throw the rest
  • Speed and ease in terms of processing power and seamless scaling of massive workloads
  • Cheaper - because you only pay for what you use

All analytics teams and stakeholders are enabled

  • All history of your data is stored cheaply and easy accessible for analysis and data science
  • A tailored business layer with aggregated and summarised data for ad hoc queries, BI analytics and reporting
  • Single source of truth for all your data, accessible with visualisation to any stakeholder
  • End to end analytics with collaboration across one unified workspace for all analytics functions 

More information

Contact us today, and we will show you how to get real business value from your data. 

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