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Digital transformation


Ask, listen and learn

In the last few months of 2021, we performed our latest customer satisfaction survey and the premises was as follows.

  • Participating customers were from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

  • The survey had both quantitative and qualitative questions.

  • 65 companies participated.

And the results were…

Written by Susannah Eriksson

A new operating model to address the widening IT delivery gap...

Manufacturers (as other industries) are affected by the line of business, partners and customers increasing demand for new digital solutions. New business demands and requests for new technology in areas such as AI, IoT, Mobile, SaaS and Cloud severely stretches the capacity of IT departments. With remaining challenges to cater for maintenance and hosting of existing legacy systems, it is impossible for IT deliver on all these expectations. This creates what is generally referred to as the ”the IT delivery gap”.
Written by Fredrik Svensson

Estimated integration platform benefits value for manufacturers...

We have previously concluded that manufacturers will need to digitally transform to keep up with competition and buying behaviour of customers. An important part of this is to build an efficient backbone of APIs and integrations to enable access to information and enable innovation. In this quest a modern API and integration platform can be beneficial to your initiative and even make you save money at the same time as you open up for innovation.
Written by Fredrik Svensson

To digitally transform manufacturing, there is a large burden on IT...

In previous blog posts we have concluded that there are a number of macro trends that will require manufacturers to digitally transform to keep up with the competition and buying behaviour of customers. This fact on top of the already demanding task of keeping the lights on for legacy systems that has often been around for a long time, creates a great burden for IT departments within manufacturing.
Written by Fredrik Svensson

Applying the external perspective when integrating

Integration between systems in large organisations is an area in need of drastic improvements and these improvements needs to happen yesterday. In this blogpost we try to present a perspective that we think can be used to enable such a drastic improvement. We recommend that you apply the external perspective on all your system integrations.
Written by Benneth Christ…