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IT challenges 2020 – Nurture your ecosystem

At last, in the IT landscape, terror balance is out and cooperation and partnership are in. The digital transformation reshapes the way IT suppliers and buyers work together.

We have seen how the digital transformation has made organisations more aware of the fact that their data is an important and valuable asset. Hence moving the focus from systems and application to the core value of data.

In making data available internally and externally, organisations start to rethink the way they are cooperating internally and externally. With an open and transparent approach to information, silos are being teared down in favour of open ecosystems.

The same is valid for the external view where ecosystems are formed to let partners work together in an open way to create new and more efficient solutions.

Competence and quality

We asked a good portion of our 350 customers, as we have done for several years, and we found that an ongoing organisational change in cooperation patterns is clearly visible. This is supported by other reports such as Radars report “IT-Radar 2019”.

According to our survey, competence and quality is the most important factor that an IT buyer is looking for when choosing an IT supplier. This has been the case for several years. Price is still important but has decreased in importance during the last years.

What is most interesting is that business knowledge and good cooperation are the factors that have increased most rapidly.

The 3 greatest IT challenges 2020

At the same time, our survey shows that the greatest challenges for IT buyers are: 

  • how to find the right competence

  • how to find time for all digital innovation projects

  • how to cope with all the different IT platforms that are needed when you are a digitally transformed company

We see emerging ecosystem organisations that focuses on cooperation, transparency, and openness as important factors to be able to increase digital innovation from business ideas to implemented digital business and IT solutions.

Complete ecosystem

At first we saw this change in business and IT development areas but the second wave of the ecosystem needs to take into account all parts of the organisation and all other external organisations that participate in the complete ecosystem. 

The IT buyer or customer, the IT service supplier, the IT product vendor supplier, and all other participants need to adopt an open approach with shared risks and possibilities to be as innovative and efficient as possible.

This is what you need

In 2020, to be able to navigate correctly in your ecosystem, I believe the following is necessary:

  • Cooperate closely - Close means open and transparent. Work with agreements between partners that are easy to understand, balanced and have shared risks and possibilities. Be open to change.

  • Communicate - The weakest link in an ecosystem is often communication. Do not communicate without ensuring that the information is perceived as you intended. And make sure you communicate needed and valuable information.

  • Add value - Understand that a successful partnership is a successful you. Share knowledge openly and willingly.


It is time to cut the boundaries – All for one and one for all!

Written by Henrik Gavelli