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Top 10 questions the IT department should ask its Management Team


So, a couple of blogs ago we let an imaginary Management Team ask its IT department their most prioritised digitalisation questions, also letting the equally imaginary IT department answer them. And now its the other way around. Below the top 10 most important questions back to the Management Team

1. Have you established a Digital Agenda as a part of the overall strategy?

Well....we have heard a lot about this "digitalisation" going on everywhere, but to be honest we haven't really seen any big changes in how our customers are doing business with us yet. Anyway - when this "digitalisation" really will happen, we expect you IT guys to be able to respond quickly to any possible changing needs from our customers. With your budget, that shouldn't be an issue.

2. Have you considered to establish a CDO as a part of the executives?

We already have to many CxOs already as it is.

3. Are you aware of that we probably are sitting on data that have moved from "necessary to perform" to "digital assets"?

Sounds good. We trust you to take care of them for us.

4. Are you aware of that we (the IT Department) have all technology in place (or know how to fix it) to handle your Digital Dreams? All we are waiting for is your creativity.

As already mentioned we are waiting for this "digitalisation" to get moving, but it is good that you already have the tools you require. That means that we can proceed with the discussed 10% cut in the IT budget for next year.

5. Have you started to exploit the possibilities of new partnerships that will build our future business?

We already have a lot of partners and we trust the existing channel to give us the traction we need.

6. We are already producing massive amounts of real time data for you to use to make the right decisions, are you using them?

No. Can you visualise these for us?

7. We heard that our competitors are providing new services through their digital processing, are you aware of what it is and if they are successful?

No. That isn't the competition. It is just a new start-up that just got going the other year. They can't threaten us, we are in control of all the existing sales channels already and our customers are loyal.

8. Have you got the proper knowledge on how our present customers behave and how they will behave in the future to to find the services they are looking for?

Our customers have always been loyal and appreciate our level of service. In fact they are so loyal and happy, they will probably even tell their kids to use our services as well.

9. Do you have a process and organisation in place that can take new ideas from powerpoint to test in a few weeks and then evaluate/reject/scale to keep up with the competition?

Our marketing does that all the time. Talk to them.

10. If yes on all above, what are you waiting for?

Ah well, seems we are well prepared for this "digitalisation" and that our organisation is prepared for all potential challenges it might bring, but to be honest I don't think we have anything to fear. By the way, looking forward for your suggestions on how we can decrease the IT spending with the 10% that we need for next years budget.

Yet again, the answers are on the sarcastic side, however putting the spotlight on important challenges. Of which collaboration and closeness between the Management Team and the IT department is one of the most important (and maybe even business critical).

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