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Digital transformation


Debunking Open Source Myths

Open Source is not the new kid on the block anymore. Many companies, organisations and agencies use Open Source to bring better services, enhance communication and technical solutions. But, there are none the less still myths surrounding Open Source. So, here we give you a run through of some of those myths and what we think of them.

Written by Redpill Linpro

The digital workplace - essential for the success of your organisation

In order to keep up with competitors, our workplaces must be digitalized and efficient. The future worker will need to handle more data, more ongoing parallell processes, take more legal requirements into consideration, make more daily business decisions and include business partners tightly in early processes. And how do you handle all these challenges in the digital world if not through a Digital Workplace!

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Top 10 questions about digitalisation a Management Team should ask its IT department

The digital era will present organizations with many challenges, but also interesting opportunities. The successful companies of the digital era will need to have a structure and climate that can respond quickly to new challenges and explore opportunities in an efficient manner. To be able to do this they will require an organization where Business and IT operates as one with joint targets and objectives in their sight.

Written by Fredrik Svensson

Avtal ska inte så i vägen för digital transformation

Digital transformation leder till projekt som måste realisera verksamhetens krav snabbare än tidigare. Flexibilitet och agilitet är honnörsord i projektsamarbeten men innan man kommer dit, kan avtalsarbetet innebära stor vånda då man ska jonglera med risk och förtroende i avtalet för att balansera relationen mellan leverantör och kund.

Written by Henrik Gavelli