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Digital transformation


Ask, listen and learn

Running a company means – ideally—having clients. And if you are lucky enough to have them, you must make them happy or they'll wander off to your bitter rivals. The tricky thing here though, is that it can be difficult to know exactly what it is that makes each client happy.

Written by Susannah Eriksson

Fail fast and survive

Digital transformation comes with a great amount of challenges and an obvious dilemma: those who do not embrace a digital transformation will soon be out of the game but those who bet on the wrong digital race, also risk an abrupt end to their businesses. So how do you handle such a dilemma? Well, we believe the trick is to fail fast.

Written by Redpill Linpro

Are you a risk to your company?

No aspect of a company is ever more than the sum of its parts. This means that a company's security depends heavily on the awareness and education of its employees. It is not enough that only the dedicated security manager knows all about the latest and best security measures. EVERYONE in the company must be informed on how to stay safe both on an individual and organizational level.

Written by Redpill Linpro

Debunking Open Source Myths

Open Source is not the new kid on the block anymore. Many companies, organisations and agencies use Open Source to bring better services, enhance communication and technical solutions. But, there are none the less still myths surrounding Open Source. So, here we give you a run through of some of those myths and what we think of them.

Written by Redpill Linpro