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Better safe than sorry

What is the business value of monitoring IT and how do you measure it?

Well there are the obvious reason... of cost savings. The cost of outages can be huge and annoyingly unexpected, and the impact of performance issues on other business metrics are equally costly.

A carefully planned monitoring structure makes it possible to overview the application infrastructure across various operative systems and services, and it makes you able to act proactively and service oriented. Most organizations have a mix of hardware and software and multiple tools for monitoring, which are not necessarily designed to work together – a setup that will prevent the IT department in acting proactively.

But how do you measure and explain the business value of IT to business peers to get them to invest in the right monitoring tools?

Performance is key

The answer is to map application performance with business performance, that is, you need to identify the KPIs that matter the most to your line of business. Find out what prevents them from performing in their daily work and calculate the numbers – what can they actually save by having the right monitoring tool. That should make them listen.

There exists a lot of great monitoring tools, also Open Source, and the choice depends on the need and what the organization can support.

So, what is your monitoring strategy?

If you aren't sure and in need of some inspiration we would be happy to share our experiences and give you some tips on the way.

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Written by Ane Brorsen